Home Online Betting What are the easiest soccer bets for beginners?

What are the easiest soccer bets for beginners?

What are the easiest soccer bets for beginners?

Newbies often fail to avoid the pitfalls of betting when they begin betting for the first time. They either get overwhelmed by the amount of information and options available or do not do proper research before making betting decisions and face losses in the first go. In addition to the loss of money, they also suffer from disappointment and begin questioning their judgment.

Therefore, it is important that before you begin to bet, you need to carefully decide which game you want to bet on. If soccer is one of your favorite sports, it may make your decision easy as you can easily understand the game and learn the ropes of betting with time. If you want to understand how to bet in soccer, give this a read.

Betting strategies for beginners

Before the start of a tournament, invest time in learning about the teams and their past performances. You can also learn about the various betting strategies so that when the season begins, you are fully equipped with all the requisite information.

As a popular sport, soccer offers a lot of betting opportunities and a range of betting options. However, as a beginner, it is best to stick to the basic betting strategies initially. It will help you gain more confidence for future betting. It will also help you garner a few initial wins, which can boost your morale and encourage you to up your ante.

Here are some of the basic betting strategies you can use as a beginner

The game outcome

You can wager on which team will win and which team will lose. Since the possibility of winning lies more with the stronger team, you can bet on the team that is likely to win. Since the possibility is of the stronger team winning is high, the odds will be short, and the winning amount will be small unless you wager a large amount.

Total goals

Another simple wager is to bet on the total goals scored in the match. You can also wager on the goals scored until halftime by the respective teams and if they end the first half in a draw.


Win-draw-win is another easy betting strategy. You can predict which team will win an individual match or which match will end in a draw. For a draw, you can bet on a match where the teams have matched performance levels.

Matched betting

Double betting or matched betting can provide you with a guaranteed win. Since it’s a sure thing, it won’t have a large payout, but you will win money. It is an arbitrage form of betting where you can bet on the disparity in the odds with different bookmakers and land a guaranteed win. So you can draw a comparison across the betting line and leverage the margins by betting over with one and under with the other.

Some tips for beginners

Once you have your heart set on togel thailand betting on soccer, you need to consider a few other things. First, you must carefully choose which types of bet you want to place. Consider your bankroll and the amount you are willing to wager and risk. If you want to win big in one go, high stake bets may be the obvious choice. However, as a beginner, you may choose to place bets with short odds, which may give frequent but small wins. The likelihood of success of such bets is more, so the winnings will be less as well.

Finally, consider your financial situation and set aside an amount you will be using to wager. This will help you in managing your finances wisely and prevent you from overspending.