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The 4 Top Sports To Bet On

The 4 Top Sports To Bet On

Betting on sports on sites like bandar togel online is an incredibly popular pass-time. Some people only do it casually; although, others regard it as a passion that they dedicate incredible amounts of time and energy to master. Either way, it is incredibly fun and a joyful hobby to have. If you are new to sports betting, then how do you know which sports are the best to bet on? Well, if certain sports are the most popular, then that probably means they are the best to start with. So, which sports are the most popular?


Football is the big fish of all sports betting in the United States. Some reports suggest that it dominates sports betting by receiving more bets than all of the other sports combined. With the fanatical obsession that America has for football, this seems very realistic. It isn’t only the NFL either because college football has a respectable chunk of the bets too.


Basketball comes in second for the number of bets placed. Although the numbers for basketball are not as impressive as football, sports betters still place some serious money on who will score the most hoops. It still is only a third the size of football bets, so it isn’t a number to blush over.


Baseball is known as America’s favorite pass-time. Although it is third on the list, it still receives sizable bet volumes that fall slightly under basketball. When basketball season ends and football season hasn’t started yet, this is where sports betters turn to get some adrenaline.


Soccer is last on our list. Although it placed fourth, it has nearly the same volume as boxing, hockey, and golf. When compared with football, all of these fall far short of having any significant number of bets being placed. However, if they are what you enjoy, then there is a well established market in place to accommodate your urge.


Sports betting isn’t only a United States phenomenon though. If you thought the U.S. is the biggest better in sports, then you are wrong! Japan is number one at placing the most bets. They have a shameful bet volume that is two times larger than the U.S. has. Lastly, China finishes in third place with half the volume of the United States. As you can see, regardless of what part of the world you are in, there is plenty of sports betting being placed.