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Best Hands you can have in Hold ’em Poker

Best Hands you can have in Hold ’em Poker

The hand in Hold ’em Poker consists of five cards. The starting hand comprises the two cards dealt at the beginning, which are unknown to the other players on the table. Then five community cards are dealt face-up in three rounds, during which the players place their bets. Players can then form combinations from the hole or pocket cards in the starting hand and the five community cards dealt later.

Usually, three combinations can be used to form a hand with the community cards or board cards and pocket/hole cards.

  • One hole card and four community cards
  • Two-pocket/hole cards with three community cards
  • Five community cards and no hole card

When your hand comprises all the cards from the community cards, it is referred to as playing the board. The rule of playing the board is that you must declare it before throwing in your cards. Otherwise, your claim to the pot will be renounced.

Let’s look at the best five hands for 홀덤 online poker game. Let’s look at them one by one.

1-  Royal Flush

The royal flush is considered to be the best Hold ’em hand. It contains cards ranging from ten to AceAce, all belonging to the same suit, i.e., A, K, Q, J and, 10. The cards need to belong to the same suit so the royal flush can have only four combinations. As mentioned, since the royal flush is considered to be the top-rated hand, if you are lucky to get it, you are bound to take the pot winnings home.

2-  Straight flush

Another lucky also the top second-rated is the straight flush. This refers to when you get five cards in an order belonging to the same suit. For instance, if you get 5, 6, 7, 8 and, 9 of hearts, you have a straight flush. Being the second-rated hand, the straight flush only loses to the royal flush. However, if, by chance, two players have a straight flush in the game, the one having the strongest high card would be deemed the winner. Consider a simple example; if you have an eight-high straight flush and another player has a nine or ten-high straight flush, the other player would be the winner.

3-  Four of a kind

As the name suggests, you have a four-of-a-kind hand when you have a combination of four cards of the same rank or number. Therefore, if you have the 5 of spades, club, diamonds and, hearts, you have a four of a kind hand. Can you guess what would be the strongest four of a kind hand? If you guessed the AceAce of all the four suits, you got the right answer.

The four of a kind can be potentially a very strong combination and is rated third among the hold’em hands.

4-  Full house

You have a full house when you have three cards from different suits but of the same rank and a pair of two cards of another rank. An example of a full house would be K K K Q Q. Similar to the four of a kind hand, the strongest five-card combination for a full house would be A A A K K. If two players by chance have a full house in the game, the obvious choice for the winner would be the one with the strongest high card. For instance, a Queen high card would trump a Jack high card.

5-  Flush

The fifth best hold’em hand is the flush. If you have five cards of different ranks from the same suit, you have a flush. An example would be K, J, 10, 9 and 5, of spades. The cards do not need to be in consecutive order, and the suits do not matter either as long as you have five cards from one suit, whether it is spades, clubs, diamonds or hearts. In a showdown between two flushes, the winner would be the one with the strongest high card.